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Our Magento design process keeps all wheels turning, enabling your website to be viewed on all sizes of screens, from desktops and laptops through to mobiles.

Fail to take account of what your customers need, leave them struggling with a site that is not easily viewable or scalable and you will soon find your site figures declining along with everything else. Whichever device they use and no matter whether they view with Chrome or Safari, with Magento design we guarantee that their experience will be a fabulous and not a flawed one.

With a team of developers that possess in-depth knowledge when it comes to building stunningly visual and user friendly e-commerce websites, yours will come complete with ease of navigation enabling shoppers to glide through the process sleekly and easily, without a hitch. Their journey on site will be mapped out, making use of powerful calls-to-action that will get them going in the direction of the checkout. Our Magento designed sites ensure that product viewers become buyers, converting your leads easily and plentifully.

We take the time to keep you in the communication loop throughout, from design through to build, ensuring that your website communicates your brand in a powerful way that makes shoppers want more of it. Because we use a framework that will convert no matter which device is used, your website is sure to get you and your business booming.

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UX/UI Wireframes

When we first begin the Magento design of your website, we will put together both a UX and UI (User Experience and User Interface in the form of wireframes. This will be done for all types of devices, thereby enabling us to plan the information hierarchy required for each website page, allowing us to map out calls-to-action that will take the viewer in the right direction.

By working in accordance with your requirements and our pre-agreed processes and plans, work will be aligned with what your website needs to achieve; we will show you how the finished site is likely to look, ensuring that you are happy every step of the way.

Responsive mobile design

Because the sites that we create are totally responsive and adaptive to suit desktop and mobile devices, more leads will be converted and your revenue boosted. Never lose a lead again just because your website provides disappointing results across multi devices. As well as building in clear calls-to-action we will also direct your website visitors around the site in a way that enables them to make the right choices quickly and speedily.

Every process that we use has been finely refined, allowing us to structure your website and each page in a way that appeals to the visitor and takes control of their journey around the site seamlessly, ending up at checkout.

At this later stage in the Magento design process, you will be shown how your site will look and our team will be working alongside you to guarantee that the final product is everything that you want.

Experts in e-commerce conversion

Whilst our design team are building your new site, they will pay every attention to Conversion Rate Optimisation, doing all possible to vastly improve the conversion rate when compared to your old site, covering mobile and desktop viewings.

By following the user journey throughout your site in a virtual way, from product selection through to putting items into the basket, we are able to streamline pages, making the shopping process as enjoyable as possible.


Branding is part and parcel of all that we do, including being part of the Magento design process. Whether you need a subtle brand refresh or a totally new look for a product or service ready to be launched onto the market, we take care of it.

Having worked with brands large and small, we know exactly how to create the perfect mix when it comes to a look and an image that is attractive and fresh whilst connecting with your viewers in the right way.

From beginning to end of the design process, we will be by your side, ensuring that we understand your vision and bring your goals to a satisfactory conclusion.

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