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The favourite of many, Core PHP is known for being one of the most frequently used server-side languages available. At Explore Systems, we are used to working on a vast selection of Core PHP projects of all sizes, each with different variations of complexity. Suitable even for the most sophisticated of corporate systems, we harness the power of PHP to create tailor-made websites as well as a whole host of other applications to suit the needs of our clients.
With many years of experience, our developers know exactly what to do in order to utilise PHP’s principle of speedy development which lends itself well to working with our own all-encompassing collections of code. Whether you are looking to launch a new website, revamp an existing one, bring a new product to market or work with a new app, our skilled and adept team will utilise Core PHP to build sure-fire solutions swiftly and sleekly, getting your business headed in the right direction.

Our services

PHP Development

Our team of in-house PHP developers will make use of their great knowledge and skill to develop even the most complex of bespoke solutions. Working with clients of all sizes, our development services are tailor-made to suit you.

PHP Based CMS Systems

Looking for a customised CMS to improve the functionality and processing speeds within your business? Our technical experts will built to your exacting requirements whilst adhering to standards of the utmost quality.

E-Commerce Solutions

Skilled in the provision of all types of e-commerce solutions, we ensure a match with your precise needs, taking the time to get to know your business. This way, we can enable you to increase sales whist ensuring first-rate ROI.

Company Websites

Your website is your window on the world so it has to be right first time; engaging, professional and sleek ensuring rapid user engagement. Define your brand in the right way by allowing us to work beside you, generating results that make a world of difference.

Web Apps

Web apps need to be fast, responsive, and compatible across multi-platforms and tailor made to suit you. Our team provide you with the best, based upon their unique command of innate experience and knowledge, ensuring that your business hits the heights.

Social Networking

Don’t get left out of the crowd; make use of the power of social networking to take your business forward. By making use of sophisticated features that attract viewers, we will show you how to engage with your clients, making the personal professional.


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