Harness the power of WordPress

As skilled and astute WordPress developers, our dynamic team provide you with access to our rich helping of expertise and knowledge to bring about websites that engage, attract and captivate. Explore Systems are a leading IT company that provide thousands of clients with WordPress solutions which are dynamic, straightforward and powerful. With WordPress powering much of the internet, it is no wonder that people love it due to its easy functionality, adaptability and flexibility.

Why WordPress?

It is so simple to use WordPress; locate your favourite theme, select a domain and plan and then your site is ready to build. We take care of absolutely everything so once you have made your choices, the rest is down to us. With a team of professionals who are passionate about the results that they create, when you choose us, you are assured of an experience that will impress for all the right reasons.
If you know the type of design you are looking for, we can bring it to life. Optionally, if you need us to lead you in the right direction, we can do that too, creating a site for you using highly skilled WordPress website developers plus WordPress theme designers.


When we build your site with WordPress, our team are able to harness the power of many stunning features. WordPress is:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Has a built-in service for comments
  • Packed with flexible and adaptable design
  • Extremely SEO friendly
  • Multilingual across a variety of languages
  • Fitted with full user management control
  • Able to have the design extended with Plugins
  • Empowered with easy theme system designing
  • Complete with application framework development

How do we work?

Our process of work is tried, tested and extremely productive. Beginning with in-depth research, we get to know exactly what you need and what your business is about; by looking at competitor sites we can quickly decide on how we are going to make your site stand out from the crowd. Planning then takes place, enabling us to try out and test various design solutions. Then the real fun begins with the design process kicking in; our designers will bring to life a stunning creation, totally bespoke to suit you that is sophisticated and customer friendly. Our team of web developers will work with a mix of HTML, CSS or JavaScript, taking care of all back-end development and ensuring that the finished site is going to be 100% compatible with your needs. Content can then be added and checked, all put in place ready for testing. Finally, your site is ready to go live and we run through every check necessary to make absolutely certain that the quality of site you receive is exemplary.

With a full support and maintenance service on offer, we are here to help you every step of the way. Get in touch today and find out exactly how Explore Systems and WordPress work together.