Whats in it for you?

Patchworks streams your key business data in real time between Magento and Toe to Toe, removing the need for manual data entry tasks

  • Ready when you are – our powerful integration bridge is externally hosted and ready to be deployed at your command
  • Integration experts – we work with you to see that your system is running effectively for your business
  • Protect your profit – manual data entry is expensive and time consuming, real-time data transfer will save your business time and money


The explorewebstore solution

Fast and effective integration for your entire software system

  • Increased productivity – reduce your operational costs and increase your insight into your operation with real-time data transfer
  • Improved workflow – all sales transactions, customer data and stock levels are synced across your platforms accelerating your efficiency and your order fulfilment levels
  • Flexible expansion – Patchworks gives you power to move into new sales channels, such as eBay and Amazon with ease as you expand

Is your business new and successful?

Here at Explorewebstore we frequently hear from younger retailers who are trying to manage their increased sales success and their developing business processes. This juggling act can result in extra costs, unwanted customer services issues and difficult business processes.

Avoid these typical growing pains and save yourself from longer-term issues by integrating your sales and business systems together.