Sixty4 Ebay shop Design is a Super Creative eBay Design & template design company formed in 2000. We provide high quality graphic design services, web design service, explainer videos, voice overs, SEO strategies and social media connectivity. Our main focus is to provide a great user experience. We are aware about the importance of owning a website, and therefore we want to help you succeed.

If there is anything you should know about us is the fact that we work with passion. This means that we don’t limit our activity on completing the project on time, but we also believe in high quality work, which actually is the result of true passion and interest. We have established the goal of always creating innovative projects that satisfy our customers’ needs. It may be your website, but at the end of the day it is our work and our prestige. One way or another it is our best marketing strategy.

Even if we come with our own ideas, we actually shape them according to our customers’ requirements, making sure that the final result matches with their desires. In this way we can provide a satisfactory work, being able to learn something new from every one of our project, and therefore we can get better & better every time.

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The Planning

Estilo had a clear strategy for sourcing the right fashion products at the right time. Sixty4 had to provide Estilo with an ecommerce website / platform that would allow them to quickly and effectively take these products to market.

Mobile Ready Features

Estilo mobile responsive eBay design mad his sales grow higher and higher. Our designs are fully responsive in real sense giving clear cut information to your customer about the products. The designs and color themes of our eBay mobile listing template reflects the exact brand of your business.

Estilo Responsive Ebay Listing Design

Estilo’s listing page specially designed for online computer, electronics, mobile etc. shops to provide better ecommerce prospectus to your customers. The very unique features of this template are its catchy color combination and user friendly features perfectly embedded to attract online buyers. You don’t have to struggle to grab your visitor.


After an initial planning, design and development phase to deliver the ebay store. complete with product listings, search and property portfolio functionality, Sixty4 ebay store have built a strong, on-going relationship with the different areas within the Top Topiary business. We now provide an on-going day-to-day service to help maintain and update the ebay store, deliver monthly email newsletters and create newspaper advertising as required.

As well as day-to-day support, we carry out a rolling programme of updates which bring new ideas to life and keep Top Topiary ahead of their national and local competitors.

Building Trust Through Design

Good search rank is crucial for any topiary agent operating in a local market. As a result of the work we’ve done and the manner in which the ebay store has been designed, Top Topiary site is ranked amongst the top 5.