About Everything for Pets

At Everything For Pets you will find a huge selection of pet necessities, accessories, toys, medications and grooming products that are sure to provide them security, comfort, entertainment and joy.

We care for all animals and seek to offer pet owners cost-effective solutions and competitive pricing on all our items.

We offer items for all breeds of dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small pets. We go above and beyond traditional pet stores to supply specialized items for both indoor and outdoor animals including chickens and horses.

No matter your animal product needs, we are confident you will find what your pet is looking for at Everything For Pets.

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The Planning

The new website is packed full of rich user interactions, layered scrolling sections and stunning graphic elements designed to get users to enter an online world of discovery (even the footer is worth checking out!). All of the elements are underpinned by a cohesive and streamlined purchasing process.

Our solution

After the thorough research, we found out that Ownership’s insufficiently good performance could be caused by the existing content structure. In this structure, the emphasis was shifted to pet owners, but at the same time, it did not allow maintaining Ownership in terms of SEO and sending messages. In this regard, we suggested creating a new store hosted on the subdomain of the main site. Such measures were designed to improve the organic visibility and provide streamlined customer journeys regarding every business offering.

At the same time, it allowed us to implement a search function, which is very helpful for users when they wish to quickly find products according to their search criteria. When working on the new site structure our goal was to show a clear divide between two categories of owners, therefore we clarified and enhanced both user journeys. Along with this, we strategically placed calls-to-action throughout the website in order to boost conversion. All these improvements allowed creating a site with an excellent appearance and functionality designed to capture the target audience.


We built a bespoke website that delivers a better user experience and helps gain more enquiries as well as maintain ongoing enquiries. The design is clean, bold and modern, and features the everything for pets in several areas across the website. 
We used high quality illustrations and real life photographs to give visitors a feel for their services and made classes for all areas much more accessible. 
The website really brings out the classes and growing areas available to access this unique set of services.


When working on the website with everything for pets, we provided the following services:

  • Responsive Design
  • Content Management System
  • Multi Layered Navigation
  • Blog / News
  • eCommerce

Building Trust Through Design

Today, users tend to shop using mobile devices. Therefore, for websites, it is very important to have a responsive design that stably works on different devices. For Everything for Pets website, we conducted tests on more than 30 real mobile devices and 20 simulators to make sure that, regardless of the device, the appearance and functionality of the site remain unchanged.