CareerMatch provides industry leading online training courses for individuals and businesses alike.

We build our curriculum using proven educational concepts and sound instructional design principles to create the highest quality courses in the IT training field.

CareerMatch employs only the industry’s best instructors and course developers to create courses and certification preparation materials unrivaled in the marketplace.

With a passion for technology and a focus on being the first company to bring new technology courses to market, CareerMatch strives and succeeds in ALWAYS providing its student with the tools needed to succeed at the highest possible level and raise the benchmark in today’s IT industry.

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The Planning

Career Match approached Explore Webstore as the recognized Magento experts in the UK for introducing small changes and optimisations into their existing online store. However, later the client decided on a full-scale revamp of their online presence with the development of a completely new ecommerce site on Magento. The main idea was to introduce a website with a modern design allowing Career Match to differentiate from the competition. Along with this, the layout of the new store needed to be fully responsive ensuring a streamlined user experience on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

At the beginning of our work, we implemented small improvements to the existing Career Match site designed to solve issues with SEO and other minor problems. However, as we worked on these tasks, the client’s priorities shifted towards the developing of a new layout with a fresh and appealing design. The suggested style included large clear images skilfully blended with textured patterns to give a sense of movement and action. At the same time, the site performance and user experience had to remain up to par.

Once Career Match approved the layout, our coders began to transfer this design to Magento, ensuring it is fully responsive and adaptable to work on devices with different screen sizes. In addition, our developers imported products to a new site and hooked up the payment system. We also added several extensions, including single page checkout and customer loyalty points extension. The later allows rewarding loyal customers with bonus points and discounts. Both extensions were fully customised to match the overall design of the site and provide it a cohesive look.

The project also provisioned a current solution investigation including a full web-application audit as well as a comprehensive code review. Based on the data obtained, we offered a strategic forecast for improving the site’s performance.

In cooperation with OVH, we have also developed a secure and redundant web hosting solution capable of supporting the existing Career Match stores as well as acceptable for future growth within the predicted values.

As the site had been completely rebuilt at the latest version of Magento, we provided a full data migration. To give the website customers a more streamlined experience we significantly improved the User Experience process. Along with this, the Career Match team gained a better control over the site due to enhanced Backend Processes features.

Building Trust Through Design

All the work has been done in extremely short time to present the updated site to the public before Christmas 2016. The client’s feedback was very positive, which allowed us to continue working closely with Career Match. To date, we plan to present a completely new mobile site in addition to the already existing platform with responsive design.