About Camtech NW Ltd

Camtech Northwest Ltd is a highly professional Drainage Camera Repair Centre with a proven track record in both repair  camera systems and reactive emergency call outs, providing 24 hour 365 days per year service to an impressive client portfolio which includes United Utility , IWJS, Ipek, Saphire Utility Solutions, and Clean Line.

The company has around 22 staff, all skilled in a particular discipline. As the company expanded, Micheal Patel, one of the directors, saw an opportunity to differentiate from the competition, provide better customer service and really lead the market.

In order to do this, he wanted to streamline their processes, get rid of paperwork and ensure all his information was in one place, easily accessible and updated in real time. Equally important, he required something simple and easy to use for his engineers who may have to compile reports in difficult challenging conditions.

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The Planning

Camtech looked at a number of different systems but the majority appeared to be overly complex, requiring multiple screens in order to complete the simplest of tasks.  Explore System stood out to them as it appeared very user-friendly.  All the relevant important information was easily accessible and the explore System staff were always available to assist if required.

Explore Webstore was contacted by Camtech to help develop an online customisable job sheets system for the types of work they perform. The job sheets had to be created automatically based on the information about a particular job. Such an approach allows saving time significantly on filling out paperwork. The system also provides the possibility to get signatures from customers and operatives.

Preliminarily, Camtech got acquainted with a number of similar systems, however, they made a rather negative impression due to their extreme complexity and necessity to open many windows even for simple tasks. We offered our Explore System which compares favourably with competitors thanks to the user-friendly design, quick access to all the necessary information and support from our Explore Webstore team whenever it is required.

The main goal in creating job sheets for Camtech was to simplify their process as well as reduce and even eliminate paperwork. Among other task were building a system in such a way that all the necessary information was easily accessible in one place and updated in real time. The Camtech wished that when receiving work from their customers, there was no need to re-enter information into the system and the clients were given the opportunity to view the status of the work performed online.

Our job sheets system works as follows. A job comes in by phone or email, and then the details are immediately put into the system by the office personnel. All administrators can view the job through the Jobs dashboard. Each employee can instantly get acquainted with the planned array of work and view information about a customer, a description of the job, to whom the job is allocated and by whom. When a job is assigned to particular engineers, they receive a relevant notification on their mobile devices. After viewing job details, its status is updated in real time and all the way until the job is finally executed. All the job information is available instantly without the need to fill out paper documents. Also, such a system allows raising invoices without delay.

Building Trust Through Design

After an invoice is raised and paid, it is exported to Sage Accounts. At the same time, all the necessary data is also automatically transferred between the two systems